Venture Capital

Within the venture capital area, together with our expert lawyers and financial advisors, we provide you with a holistic service in all areas that an enterprise needs. Our services in this sector are divided into two as product development consultancy and investment consultancy. In product development consultancy, we offer a general consultancy service for your current product and / or software, including national and international regulations. The following topics are included in this consultancy service:
  • Analysis of market activities,
  • Compliance with national and international regulations,
  • Financial structuring,
  • Within the investment consultancy, the relations you will establish with the investors for your current product and / or software are carried out from the beginning of the relationship to the completion of the investment.
  • National and international fund supports
  • Preparation reports to the investor
  • Investment process supports (mergers, acquisitions, shares, capital processes)
  • Investor relations (Turkish, English, Russian, Chinese)
  • In addition to these services, we provide services for our investor portfolio with our partners in finance, tax and audit. With these services, we provide support services to help the investor make the best decision. By combining these services with basic values ​​such as law, finance, tax, information systems, auditing, we provide end-to-end processes for investors.
  • Tax exemptions
  • Financing processes
  • Venture capital investment partnership
  • Sustainability
  • İncentives