Tax Inspections and Disputes

According to our tax legislation, it is not clear when tax inspection will be made. The fact that tax inspection has been done previously does not prevent another tax inspection to be made. In addition, technology and e-applications are improving tax inspection techniques day by day. The fact that tax legislation includes many complex and open to interpretation issues makes it obligatory for taxpayers to be managed correctly in tax inspection processes.

As a result of the tax inspection, the taxpayer has various rights: making payment, reconciliation, reduction in penalties or taking the matter to the courts.

The Financial Axis Tax Services unit provides tax examinations and disputes services to taxpayers through an integrated study with the Legal Services unit.

Preparing for tax examination, presenting the information and documents requested in tax examination, participating in all negotiations with the audit staff, attending the hearing negotiations in the report reading commission, attending negotiations before or after the assessment, consultancy on whether or not the issue of the assessment made as a result of the tax examination will be brought to courts is made, in case it is decided to be brought before court; literature review, preparation of petitions and defenses, conducting the entire judicial process are among our primary services.