Start Up Law

Startup Law is a new branch of law based on Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Investment Law and IT Law, blended with the truth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and it is in direct interaction with the legal rules of the fields in which entrepreneurs operate. Therefore, it is not a closed and self-contained area, but on the contrary, it is suitable for expansion.

Startup Law is also accepted abroad as we can translate it into our language as “Venture Law”. E-commerce Law, Business Law and Tax Law are spontaneously part of this field when the area to be initiated is unlimited.

In order to specialize in this field, Financial Axis Team, which defines itself as a legal entrepreneur, establishes a complete service and consultancy system by looking at the entrepreneur's eyes by accepting the existence of some ecosystem facts that are contrary to the general law logic.

  • Preparing all kinds of documents required for investment activities for entrepreneurs and investors and following the process related to applications.
  • Investigation of start-ups on the legal basis and preparation / review of related contracts
  • Conducting legal investigations and the entire legal process regarding the changes (such as due diligence process) such as merger, division, and acquisition.
  • Conducting negotiations between the entrepreneur and the investor, legally supervising the relationship between the parties, managing the "closing" process.
  • Supporting other legal needs