Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law emerges as an important field within the goods law departments that form part of Civil Law.

Since real estate is a product that can serve many purposes, legal support is critical in terms of legal value and rights owned.

Today, while real estates reach a wide market with investments coming from abroad, they offer a great investment product to this market.

Constitution of the Republic of Turkey in the 'property rights' under the protection provided by domestic or foreign real estate market offers investors making investment safer.

In addition to providing real estate purchasing processes, disputes arising from established contracts and legal consultancy in the field of real estate law, it also provides services for individual logical investment.

After the investment is made, all rights and receivables arising from real estate are tracked in the developing process. The services we offer can be listed as follows:

  • Arrangement and review of purchase and sale contracts,
  • Legal due diligence,
  • Transactions related to the land registry,
  • Establishment of real and personal rights
  • Checking the compliance of the projects with the environmental legislation
  • Real estate financing
  • Ownership of foreigners