Media and Entertainment Law

We provide services on broadcast principles, obligations and internal-audits, brand and other intellecutual and artistic rights and various related subjects.

Our Services

  1. Preventing abusive usage of broadcasting rights
  2. Co-Production Agreements
  3. Copyright Agreements of Performers’ fiscal and moral rights
  4. Movie Distribution Agreements
  5. Permition of Usage and Licensing the Copyright
  6. Representative/Manager Agreements
  7. Certification Process of Producer’s Perminant and Transitory Permit

Our Clients

  1. Television and radio owners
  2. Cable and digital broadcasting platforms
  3. Newsletters, Magazines, Journals, Publishers
  4. Music Production Firms
  5. Commercial and Talent Agencies, Managers, All Written, Visiual and Digital Publishers, People and Press
  6. Employees that have been working in this field.
  7. Directors, Senarists and all other entities that operates on this sector.