International Trade

International trade law is the law of the globalizing world. It is a branch of law that deals with goods and services and international trade agreements between companies residing in different countries or foreign national traders.

International trade law has gained much more importance as a result of the spread of the global economy to almost every area and increasing import and export activities. In this regard, there are some regulations in which international trade law is subject to public law and private law. International resolution of commercial disputes, safeguards and taxes are issues that we can specify in the field of public law.

International sales of goods, international trade law contracts, delivery types used, resolution of disputes and payment methods are the main subjects of international trade law.

  • As Bureau, our services in the field of International Trade are as follows;
  • To prepare international commercial contracts,
  • Providing legal support in international commercial purchases and sales,
  • Providing legal support and creating legal ground in commercial affairs,
  • Consultancy on payment and delivery methods,
  • Preparation of franchising, distribution contracts,
  • Leasing and factoring contracts,
  • Advising on international financing techniques.
  • Along with these, the services we provide in China and the Far East are as follows;
  • Product research,
  • Manufacturer research,
  • Price research, Negotiating
  • Purchasing Services (Brokerage, factory inspection, quality control, order management)
  • Shipping Organization