Inner control

According to the International Institute of Internal Auditors, internal audit is an independent and objective assurance and consultancy activity aimed at improving an organization's activities and adding value to them. Internal auditing helps the organization achieve its goals by introducing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

According to Article 375 of the Turkish Commercial Code; “Establishing the necessary order for financial planning, as required by the accounting, financial control and management of the company” is among the transferable and indispensable powers of the board of directors. In the Law’s Preamble; it is envisaged to have an internal audit system for the establishment of a financial audit system and to audit the business and transactions of the company and the organization (department) to do so.

According to the Law's Preamble; regardless of the size of the company, the company requires an effective internal audit organization which is completely independent of accounting and consisting of experts, financial audit is the audit performed by the inspection board in a sense, financial audit is not only the internal audit of the company's business and transactions, but also includes the financial resources, the way they are used, their status, auditing and supervision of liquidity  and monitoring and financial audit is required by the corporate governance rules.

While no other company unit specific regulation has been made in the TCC, giving such a task specific to the audit results from the importance of the audit for all companies.

Financial Axis provides services regarding Internal Audit Processes that can be functionally divided into Internal Control, Risk Management and Corporate Governance. These services can be provided within the company within the framework of the International Internal Audit Standards and the Turkish Commercial Code, as well as the internal Audit Unit structuring service, as well as the service of executing Internal Audit Services with Financial Axis Audit staff within the company.