Financial Law Consultancy

Tax legislation has a very technical and complex structure. Resolving conflicts that may occur in this regard requires expertise. We serve our domestic or foreign customers with our experienced and solution-oriented expert team in all areas of Financial Law Services.

We are a team that aims to be able to produce solutions and provide support in all matters falling within the field of financial law by acting with a sense of responsibility.

Our job is not only to giving advice, our job is also to be with you.

In this context, some financial legal services that we provide to our valued customers are as follows:

  • Tax,
  • TTK Compliance
  • Merger,
  • Division,
  • Acquisition,
  • Type Change
  • Company Organizations (Local, Foreign)
  • General Assembly,
  • Capital Increase,
  • Capital Decrease
  • Joint Venture Contract,
  • Share Purchase,
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Consultancy During Tax Inspections (Interviews with Examiner, Preparation of Requested Documentation, Risk Analysis)
  • Consultancy After Tax Examination (Before and After Reconciliation)
  • Tax Jurisdiction (Literature Review, Opinion, Preparation and Follow-up of Lawsuits)