Contract Law

Contract law confronts us at the point where any relationship established by people in their normal lives should be placed on a legal basis. Although the elements and qualifications of the contracts that can be established between the parties are determined in the laws, the principle of freedom of contract exists in most legal systems. In line with this principle, the parties can organize any relationship between them on the legal ground. Contracts also have the functions of determining the legal framework of the relationship between the parties, linking the obligations they commit to a legal result and protecting the best interests of the parties. In accordance with the principle of freedom of contract, many contracts that are not regulated by law can be established on the condition that they fall within the limits of the mandatory provisions in the law. We provide consultancy service to our clients in national and international platforms in English and Turkish in order to prevent disputes. In addition, we provide necessary legal consultancy services for our clients to prepare, negotiate, review, revise contracts that are appropriate for their sector and field of activity.

Some Contract examples;

  • Purchasing Contract
  • License Agreement
  • Franchising Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Letter of credit
  • Arbitration Agreement
  • Build-Operate Transfer Agreement
  • Factoring Agreement