Compliance Audit

İt is examining that financial transactions and activities of an enterprise; whether it complies with the legislation, rules and methods determined by the legislature or other official, competent institutions and individuals.

Compliance audit performs without not changing business policies and established rules with only accepted standard of these. It is At the same time, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the internal control system of the enterprises is within the scope of the compliance audit service.

The purpose of the compliance audit is to determine the degree of compliance of the practitioners, rather than the form condition or code of conduct, which has been imposed by a particular authority. Enterprises establish the rules that they must obey to their employees in order to ensure the working order in their own internal structures. They also apply to the phenomenon of audit to find out if these rules are followed. It is beneficial for such audits to be carried out by external auditors in enterprises. Thus, it is possible to reveal the errors and cheats that may occur in the company more effectively or to prevent the occurrence of errors or cheats.

Tax audits, whether the social security obligations are performed in accordance with the law or not, the audits performed by the CMB are the appropriate compliance audits by the public.