Basic Risk Management Training Services for Administrators

Productivity comes from the word "Productivity" in French, "Productivity" or "Productivity" is the measure of how well an organization uses its resources to produce goods and services. In terms of efficiency, which we can also define as the power to produce useful output from production factors, it is necessary to obtain a maximum output with a certain input or a minimum output with a certain input in order to talk about an efficient operation.

  • In this context, productivity audit is a form of audit to determine the level that should or should be between resources (inputs) and goods and services (outputs).
  • As the Financial Axis, we are in the following activities within the scope of Productivity Audit service.
  • Determination of main business activities of the operator
  • Determination of financial performance of main activities
  • Analysis of sales of goods and services produced, cost and profit analysis per product / service
  • Efficiency review in manufacturing enterprises
  • Actual and recorded inventory studies on stocks
  • Comparison of sector data with company data (analysis of profitability, turnover, number of employees, processes in terms of sector and company data over the years)
  • Budget analysis (analysis of estimated and actual budget, analysis of deviations from targets)
  • Supervision of internal business processes (analysis of processes such as Purchasing, Warehouse, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources etc.)
  • Preparing the Special Purpose Report including the evaluations, opinions and recommendations of the results