Our Principles & Our Rules

As a Financial Axis team; our professional backgrounds and our cultural differences, but our principles and our rules are the common point of all of us.

Our principles

One of the distinguishing features of the supervisory profession is that it accepts its responsibility to act in the public interest. Therefore, the responsibility of an auditor does not only meet the needs of the customer.

Our rules


"We will be honest, open, accurate and reliable in all professional and business relations."


"We will not allow prejudices, tendencies, conflicts of interest, or influence of others to influence their professional or business concerns and decisions."

Vocational Qualification and Care

"In the light of current developments in implementation, legislation and techniques, we will keep professional knowledge and skills at a level that will ensure that our customers receive adequate professional services and will act in accordance with the technical and professional standards in practice."

Confidential Storage

"Your profession will observe the confidentiality of information obtained during the course of your work; we shall not disclose such information to third parties without the appropriate and specific authority, without prejudice to any legal or professional right or duty to disclose such information, and shall not use it in the interests of ourselves or third parties. "

Occupational Behavior

"We will abide by the relevant legislation and avoid attitudes and behaviors that damage the reputation of the supervisory profession."