Since 2000, the founders of Financial Axis GGI have externally audited the financial statements of numerous domestically and internationally operational companies that are subject to the standards of KGK (Public Oversight Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority), SPK (Capital Markets Boards), BDDK (Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority), EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority), VUK (Tax Procedure Law) and Civil Aviation in the capacity of Assistant Auditor, Auditor, Senior Auditor, Chief Auditor and Responsible Partner Chief Auditor. They also audited statutory records prepared in compliance with the standards of VUK with the roles of Incomes Chief Controller and Tax Chief Auditor.

Upon approval of its ability, Financial Axis GGI has been authorized as an independent auditing corporation by KGK in the field of “Corporations in Public’s Interest: Inclusive Independent Auditing” with the registration number of BDK/2014/134.

Financial Axis GGI is also authorised by SPK, BDDK and TCMB (Central Bank of Turkey) to conduct independent auditing in related fields.

Furthermore, Financial Axis GGI is one of the six corporations that are authorized by SPK to conduct “Information Systems Independent Auditing”.

Financial Axis GGI — with its team consisting of independent auditors, freelance financial consultants and certified public accountants who have worked as chief auditor in the Ministry of Finance, chief information systems auditors who are MSc computer engineers with international CISA/CRISC certificates, lawyers who are members of Ankara and New York bar associations, a foreign trade expert who worked as principal chief commercial counsellor for foreign trade in Turkey’s London and Washington embassies, corporate finance experts in the fields of banking and finance who are licensed by SPK, engineer chief auditors in charge of technical services and academic consultants who are doctors and professors — provides multidisciplinary services to a wide range of companies that are subject to the regulations of KGK, SPK, BDDK, EPDK, GIB (Turkish Revenue Administration), TFF (Turkish Football Federation) and UEFA primarily in independent auditing as well as in information systems auditing, taxation, law, corporate finance, foreign trade and consultancy.

Financial Axis GGI, which operates in its nine offices across Turkey, is member of “Services Exporter’s Association” and “Association of E-Commerce Operators”.


Accreditation and Memberships